Take advantage of the Nap/School/Down Time – I love down time. For now, my down time is during nap time. I get most of my work done during my kids nap. And plus I consider it my “me time” – the time when I can enjoy my hobby(blogging) , when I can watch a movie or read a book, when I can just lay on the couch without nobody saying “Mummy!”

Clean the House – You know that proud feeling when someone stops by accidentally and your house is nice and clean? It is better to maintain a house clean rather than clean the house once a week/once a month etc. I know it’s hard especially if your kids are small. I have moments when everything is a mess especially when I’m just not feeling too we. Knowing how to organise your cleaning stuff ,involving your kids if they are old enough and making it fun can get the whole cleaning bit a lot easier.  My eldest loves to help me clean because we make her chores into a game that has a prize at the end.

Family Fun Time – Forget those piles of clothes to iron or dishes to wash! Your kids and the time you spend with them is THE most IMPORTANT thing you need to do. I am not saying to keep your house dirty I am just telling you to treasure the time you have together as families.Creating time to make memories is something every mum and parent should do.  Pick one day from every week and make it “The family home day/evening”, create a family fun bucket list where every one can pitch their own idea of fun. No matter what you schedule is like, make time to make memories.

family time

Dinner Time is the time for the family to relax and talk about their day. The kids share their adventures and it is a great time to laugh, learn and be together. Whether it’s pizza or Grandma’s famous lasagna on the menu for dinner, make an effort to eat at least one meal per day together as a family. It helps build bonds and memories together and though it may sometimes be crazy, you’ll be glad you did it.

Your day is coming to an end. In preparing for the coming day don’t forget to love yourself. Read a nice book, relax in a bath full of bubbles or just enjoy your favourite TV programme. Give yourself the YOU time before you tuck in bed. Nobody else is as great as you are. You are so special to everyone around you. It is so important that you know that the most important person to love in this life is to love yourself. You are a unique bundle of gifts, talents and experiences that need to be developed and shared with others. If you have gotten this far in the list it is because you are looking for ways to make your life better. The very best place to start is right in front of the mirror and these ideas will help you get a jump start.


You only have one life (YOLO!). What you choose to do with your time here on Earth is what you will be remembered for. Make the moments count. Spend your days finding ways to improve not only your life but the lives of others as well. Learn to make every day the best day through these simple practices.