14 Ways to be a better Mother

Like me you probably become a mother quite a while ago and as your kids are growing you start to question your parenting skills. I mean when kids are babies things are a lot easier as they mostly sleep and eat.

All this changes as soon as they turn two and they start asking questions. Some questions/answers are easier than others but you know well that there are questions/answers that are really hard to express.


Today we will not talk about those questions though. Today we will talk about ways you can try to be a better mum. I always try to be better than my mother used to be. I know that I will make my own mistakes. It is inevitable but this doesn’t mean that I will not try as much as I can to make sure I am being the best mum I can be for my kids.

Plan for a better tomorrow, today – Mornings can be so rushed and hectic especially if you have to take your kids to school – backpacks, lunches,outfits etc. Prepare anything you can the night before and then the next day you will be more relaxed and you will drink that cup of tea or coffee in quiet. Running around or looking through the dirty laundry to find that school jumper or sport equipment can lead to a very stressful day ahead. If you prepare most the night before can reduce the amount of stress.

Meditate – This can really help slow you down. I recently started my path into meditation and I am looking forward to see it’s benefits. Anything that can help me to be more calm during my full day of parenting is a great help.

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Don’t spend your day in your PJ’s – I know how easy it can be to do so though especially during those quiet sunday mornings or when everybody is sick. Put the effort in the morning and put on some real clothes even if that is a pair of track pants and a t-shirt. You will feel better and more ready for the day ahead.

Take care of the mess – You wake up and you find the living room floor is full of toys left from the night before. I sometimes leave mess from the night before if I am too tired. The best thing to do is to tidy the night before but if you didn’t you should take 15 minutes every morning to tidy up. You will feel better for it and you will have the space prepare for meditation. I know tidying sometimes can feel pointless especially when you have younger children but believe me all will look easier the rest of the day if you do. So make your bed, pick up the dirty clothes from the floor, take out any dirty nappies and start fresh. Even your kids will be happier when they will see that they can start to be messy on a fresh ground!

Wake up before the kids – I know that sometimes is hard to drag yourself out of bed even after your kids are out of the bed. However, waking up even 20 minutes before your kids and sitting calm and drinking that cup of tea or coffee will prepare you even for the craziest of days. Can you imagine getting a shower without small ones trying to bust in???

Make time for breakfast – I remember how sad I used to feel that I had to drink my tea and eat my toast all by myself. My mum had to leave for work really early in the morning. So if you are a stay at home mum or you just get to spend breakfast time at home why not make an event of it? Make time to start the day as a family and you will feel better for it.

Don’t Miss a moment – Sometimes hours can feel like days and sometimes the days will feel like hours. It’s inevitable and so easy these days when we spent so much time using social media and internet. Throughout the day, take a second to really take a mental picture of your life. When you kid has pulled all the toilet paper on the floor and in the toilet or you have to change yet another dirty nappy count that as a mummy moment. Find a way to record those moments mentally or physically because one day they will be missed.

Stop doubting yourself – I do that a lot. I doubt myself a lot. Ah and I worry a lot. I wonder all the time if I am doing a good job and if I look after my kids like I should. Take some time to look in the mirror and tell yourself YOU GOT THIS! Today has nothing on you. You are a mum, you are powerful and even the things will get ugly throughout the day, you can handle it! (Believe me I know that can be hard especially if you don’t feel a 100% well). Don’t let your mind get distracted by your insecurities, try and be confident and believe that you can do anything!

Take in all those little funny moments – And not only thoseYou know what I mean don’t you? That giggle, that silly question, that burp etc. that your kids happen to do through the day! All that will make you smile so stick with that smile! Take it straight to your heart and it will definitely destress your day…at least a little bit.

Consider the time you spend on social media – It is so easy to get wrapped up in social media and spend without even noticing hours on social media. Some of us use it as a way to escape, to catch up with friends, to watch funny videos or even to post pictures of your kids. I know I am guilty of the latter. One thing to do is to try and stay away from social media while you are spending time with your kids – get down on the floor and play silly games, run around with them while out in the park. They will appreciate that more than you constantly telling them: “Smile for mummy!”

Take advantage of the Nap/School/Down Time – I love down time. For now, my down time is during nap time. I get most of my work done during my kids nap. And plus I consider it my “me time” – the time when I can enjoy my hobby(blogging) , when I can watch a movie or read a book, when I can just lay on the couch without nobody saying “Mummy!”

Clean the House – You know that proud feeling when someone stops by accidentally and your house is nice and clean? It is better to maintain a house clean rather than clean the house once a week/once a month etc. I know it’s hard especially if your kids are small. I have moments when everything is a mess especially when I’m just not feeling too we. Knowing how to organise your cleaning stuff ,involving your kids if they are old enough and making it fun can get the whole cleaning bit a lot easier.  My eldest loves to help me clean because we make her chores into a game that has a prize at the end.

Family Fun Time – Forget those piles of clothes to iron or dishes to wash! Your kids and the time you spend with them is THE most IMPORTANT thing you need to do. I am not saying to keep your house dirty I am just telling you to treasure the time you have together as families.Creating time to make memories is something every mum and parent should do.  Pick one day from every week and make it “The family home day/evening”, create a family fun bucket list where every one can pitch their own idea of fun. No matter what you schedule is like, make time to make memories.

family time

Dinner Time is the time for the family to relax and talk about their day. The kids share their adventures and it is a great time to laugh, learn and be together. Whether it’s pizza or Grandma’s famous lasagna on the menu for dinner, make an effort to eat at least one meal per day together as a family. It helps build bonds and memories together and though it may sometimes be crazy, you’ll be glad you did it.

Your day is coming to an end. In preparing for the coming day don’t forget to love yourself. Read a nice book, relax in a bath full of bubbles or just enjoy your favourite TV programme. Give yourself the YOU time before you tuck in bed. Nobody else is as great as you are. You are so special to everyone around you. It is so important that you know that the most important person to love in this life is to love yourself. You are a unique bundle of gifts, talents and experiences that need to be developed and shared with others. If you have gotten this far in the list it is because you are looking for ways to make your life better. The very best place to start is right in front of the mirror and these ideas will help you get a jump start.


You only have one life (YOLO!). What you choose to do with your time here on Earth is what you will be remembered for. Make the moments count. Spend your days finding ways to improve not only your life but the lives of others as well. Learn to make every day the best day through these simple practices.


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