Things you should never DO on social media

5 Things You Should Never DO On Social Media

Things you should never DO on social media

My journey on social media started a year after I started blogging – quite late one might say, but now there are still almost 7 years since my first ever tweet.

I mean I was on Facebook but not for promoting my blog posts. I discovered Twitter when I was invited at my first “blogger outreach/social media event” and I couldn’t get enough of it. For the first couple of tears I was quite obsessed with it and was beginning and ending my day on it. 

But soon other social media channels appeared – Pinterest and Instagram – so my focus shifted. I liked these two more as they made me show my creative side as well. 

So over time I learned quite a bit about how one should do and not do on social media. This time I want to talk to you about the DO NOT’s on social media.

  • NEVER BUY FOLLOWERS, LIKES AND +1S – I know we are all tempted…more followers, more reach etc. In some cases this might be true but if you’re cheating and if you are buying your followers than it will simply NOT WORK because the likes,followers are NOT REAL. It is simply unethical and dishonest!
  • NEVER ASK FOR FOLLOWERS or RE-SHARES – You don’t have to beg to receive. If you have good stuff to share than you will get re-shares and more followers. Asking for followers and re-shares makes you look WEAK. 
  • NEVER OVERLY PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE – You simply can’t fill your social media channels with promotion only. Your home feed will become boring and your followers will simply…UNFOLLOW you. Some people think that social media’s primary purpose is promotion but they couldn’t be further from the truth. According to Guy Kawasaki (Chief evangelist of Canva), the right ratio for promotion to adding value is roughly 1 to 20. So for example you can post once about your latest blog post/product and the next 20 times needs to be something that is valuable, something that adds information or assistance or analysis or entertainment. One time you promote and 20 times you add value
  • NEVER CALL YOURSELF AN EXPERT OR A GURU – Bragging about yourself is like asking for followers/shares. If you are not an expert, calling yourself an expert is not going to make you one. For most part of the online world you will certainly sound ridiculous.
  • NEVER SHOUT ABOUT UNFOLLOWING PEOPLE – Is just silly! Social media is for grown up stuff (well mostly) and if you want to act like one don’t embarrass yourself. Even when people tag you saying that they unfollowed you, just move on. Maybe it’s for the best that they unfollowed you. It’s better to be unfollowed than be trolled or have disagreements on social media. 

These are the things I’ve learned so far but I am sure that there are lots of other things that you will learn by yourself with time. So, do let me know if you have any piece of advice you would like to share.

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Source: “The Art of Social Media” by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick.

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