How to be a successful parent blogger

If you are like me and you want to share your parenting experience and your advice further than the your immediate group of family friends than you might want to start a blog. Who knows…if it happens to have a nice writing style your blog could actually be successful!

How to be a successful parent blogger

I started blogging around 5 years ago(on a different web address of course) and since then I developed quite a bit of experience and I thought it will be good to share my advice with my readers too! Blogging world is always in need of new voices! I love reading other blogs and responding to comments about what I’ve written! Blogging is a fun and easy way to be creative, a modern place for a diary and a way to make new friends I might say.

Here is what I think you might want to think of and consider to try if you decide you want to start blogging:

  1. Find your niche – What is it that you like doing? What is that unique thing you would like to share with the world? There are millions of general parenting blogs, crafting and cookery blogs so if you want your blog to be known all over the world you will have to be different! It is good to have a focus when you write. For example I love writing about my family travels and cookery so this is what you will mostly find on my blog. But you might be passionate about crocheting or even cycling so find your own style and specialise in that.
  2. Don’t invest before trying it out – Before starting investing in hosting, design and a web address for a blog why don’t you start blogging for free? Visit blogger sildenafil 100mg and and these sites will allow you to build your own free blog and guide you through each step. When you are sure that blogging is for you than you can start to invest as well. So you can get yourself a web address that will describe you and what you want to write well.
  3. Decide what you want to share on your blog – Because you are a parent there are other things you might want to consider when you start a blog. You need to be careful about what information you put in the public domain as anyone can see it so you might want to keep your address and very personal things private. Besides that there are several other questions you might want to ask yourself before starting to write about your family: Are you going to blog under your real name, under a pseudonym or anonymously?  Are you going to put pictures with family on the blog? And if so…do you want to show pictures with their faces? Some parent bloggers chose to keep their children faces away…Are you going to use your kids full names on the blog or just pseudonyms? You need to make sure you are comfortable with the things you are sharing.
  4. Network with other bloggers – It takes time to build up a blog and readership so arm yourself with patience. Your blog posts will get lots of hits straightaway, or hundreds of comments unless you get yourself known out there. So create yourself some social media accounts for your blog especially if you want to blog anonymously and start interacting with other parent bloggers but not only. Twitter is great for easy interaction and promotion but don’t sit back and wait for people to just interact with you. Join in with conversations and get to know other bloggers blogs. Read and comment on other blogs as that will encourage their owners and their readers to come and visit your blog too. Most of the time parent bloggers are supportive with each other and for sure you will find some bloggers that you will just sync with and you will create your own online community.
  5. Relax  – Don’t feel under pressure to write every day. Write when you feel like writing and when you have something to say. A short post every couple of days or once a week its completely fine. Take it at your own speed and keep it fun as that is the way you will continue to enjoy what you are doing.


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