50+ Fall Activities for the Whole Family

50+ Fall Activities for the Whole Family

Fall is in full swing which means your family will spend more time wrapped up and indoors because fall is equaled sometimes with cold, windy and rainy weather.

However, that is not the case most of the time and you should try as much as you can to spend time in the outdoors with your family. Kids love gathering the fallen leaves, conkers and why not jump in muddy puddles.

So take a look at our list to get inspiration!


Making slime is one of the kids favorite activities these days and it doesn’t seem that is something they will forget they want to do. So we say, why not take advantage of such an inexpensive activity?

We love how many types of slime the “Little Bins for Little Hands” has on her blog and why not pop over and check them out:

Pumpkin slime

Parks are usually full of them and you can combine physical exercise with FUN and we bet your kids would absolutely love this activity. At least Romanian Mum kidsseem to really enjoy playing with them.

Playing conkers

This is a really fun activity for kids of all ages – some adults love it too – and besides gathering you could also let your kids roll around in them.

A great activity do indoors and the kids can decorate their room when they are ready and dry.


This is so easy that the kids can do it on their own as long as they know how to handle a scissors.


These can turn out so pretty especially if a lot of glitter is used when making them.


  • Go for a bike ride in the parkprovided that the floor is not wet.
  • Decorate your home for autumn as a family– get everyone involved from the youngest to the eldest.
  • Make your own leaf bowl – this will need adult help for sure as you need precision when making it but look how beautiful it looks:

DIY Leaf Bowl: Easy Craft with Mod Podge and Leaves

This cake will be loved by any kid as it has all the ingredients that kids love – chocolate and yummy Halloween sweets.

Muddy Halloween Chocolate Cake

  • Have a picnic if the weather is nice



  • Go on a nature hunt
  • Visit your local playground
  • Look up FREE autumn festival and attend them with your family
  • Go apple picking
  • Make some hot chocolateand spend time in the garden telling stories

Halloween Cake Pops

  • Have a Halloween Movie Night
  • Have a fire and roast marshmallows 


Have a fire and roast marshmallows


Hanging Bat Crafts


















No reason to worry that you will not manage this craft as Simply Every Day Mom has even a free printable for you.

  • Make Fall Teepeesthis is a craft your kids will definitely love as they get to eat it at the end!

Fall Teepees


  • Make a Leaf Owl– owls seem to be one of his favourites at the moment so this craft will certainly be a winner if you decide to make it with your children:


Do you have a craft or an activity you would like to propose for our round up? Get in touch here or via our Facebook Page and we will add it up to this post!






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