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Tips to calm your upset child

Raising you children is beautiful and empowering for parents but sometimes can be such a stressful and frustrating thing. Kids these days are surrounded by so many distractions that they become quite easily tired and of course that will cause them to misbehave and become frustrated and angry.

And of course that means that as a parent you will feel wound up by your child behaviour and occasionally lose your cool. And if you do and scream or slap your child in the heat of the moment you will most definitely regret after it.

So what can you do if you don’t want to be put in the shoes of the screaming parent? What should you do if you don’t want your child to later follow your steps?

Be sympathetic and listen 

It can be hard to understand why your child might want to wear a particular dress, pair of socks of trousers. Try and validate their emotions. Imagine if someone will make you wear something you don’t like. Your child will never intentionally try to drive you crazy or manipulate you. Until around 3 or 4 years old It is simply developmentally impossible as it requires a toddler to be able to understand that other people have beliefs and intentions different from their own.

If you have a toddler, remember he is just a little person amazed about this new ability to move and explore. A toddler simply doesn’t understand that his actions affect other people as he has not developed the ability to self-control. Plus, he has no sense of time so he simply can’t wait. My 3 year old daughter often says “now mummy please” and I reply “wait 1 minute” to which she replies “what’s wait mummy”. For them everything is immediate.

With my 7 year old daughter and with any other older child things are a bit different. If you feel like an older child deliberately winding you up then question yourself why they might act like that. Sometimes when my 7 year old just demands and demands I sometimes prefer to give up and give her what she wants rather than argue but that is just not the best way to act. Maybe your child also learnt that by winding you up they will always get what they want? Try to listen when your child is talking and tell him how good it is when his behaviour is positive .

Remind them to express their emotions 

Don’t cry. Don’t scream. Don’t laugh so loud. Imagine how it will be for you if someone will constantly tell you what not to do. So listen to your child and encourage him to tell you what he feels. Emotions are part of every person development.

Getting upset, frustrated, mad or angry is as normal as being happy and smiling. Explain him that even you as an adult experience a large set of emotions too.

Try and name the emotions when they happen. For example “I hear you laughing, are you happy?” , “I know you are sad mummy needs to go to work” . Naming emotions allows children to develop an emotional vocabulary and when they do it enables them to talk about their feelings.

Be an example for your child and talk about your own feelings and how you express your feelings. What do you do when you feel sad, angry or happy?

If you scream and slap when you are frustrated and angry your child will take your example. So it is better to teach them how to manage their emotions when they are still young.

Manage your own anger

Like I said above try and be an example. I know how hard it is to stop yourself reacting when you are angry. But anger usually leads to shouting and rash decisions: “Go to your room and stay there”, “That’s it no more playground or iPad for a week!”. We usually don’t follow the things we say in anger or we feels sorry after that and we take back any punishment we shouted out at them.

Plus if you do something like that you will only cause your child to get upset and anxious.  Getting angry is ok if it doesn’t control you.

Dr Victoria Samuel says it is best to:

“Tune into your body and learn to recognise early warning signs that you’re getting annoyed such as heart racing, feeling shaky or getting sweaty. Whenever you notice your body’s angry warning signs kicking in, stop what you are doing and try to look objectively at what has wound you up. This will help you to feel more in control. State your feelings, without attacking. Use ‘when…then’: “When you call me names I get upset”.Now is not a good time to get into a debate. Show willingness to resolve things but just not now – “We can talk about this tomorrow over breakfast, but right now I’m feeling too wound up”.

If your child is safe, take time out , saying “I need some time to cool down”. Remove yourself from the situation. Take deep breaths; in through your nose and out through your mouth, trying to slow your breath as much as possible. Try clenching your hands tight as you breathe in then releasing them as you breathe out. This will turn down your body’s fight-flight response and makes you feel calmer. 

If it’s hard to leave your child, use distraction techniques (counting, reciting song lyrics or a poem in your head) to stop yourself from reacting rashly. Use positive self-talk – say to yourself “I’m doing the best I can” or “Keep calm!” Displace your anger by whatever means works for you – vacuuming, singing along to a favourite song, doing exercise.”


In order to summarise all I said above and more I thought it will be good to put together the infographic below:

Tips to calm your upset child

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Source: *picture – Flickr Petr Sal



How To make your content easier to read

How to Make Your Content Easier to Read

First of all you need to make sure you have a catchy title. If the title of your article is not catchy enough then the reader will not open the link.

Secondly, I must recognise that these days I start by scanning the text of an article before I actually decide to start reading it. And I think that most of the people that read articles online are the same as me, So your article needs to be easy to scan. If it’s not then the reader might not bother to scan at all. You need to organise your content in clear and easy-to-read format so that you make sure that you can keep your readers engaged regardless of how long is the text.


  •  Use SubheadingsHow To make your content easier to read

Subheadings help divide the information into sub-sections that make navigation much easier. They allow your readers to quickly find the part that interests them.Subheadings simply make your visitors want to scroll downwards, which is something that you want them to dos it means they spend more time on the blog and they get to see more content and other bits on the blog as well like “Recommended Reading” for example.

  •  Keep Your Paragraphs Short

Bite-sized chunks of text are easier to read than big ones because shorter paragraphs help readers to digest information faster which encourages them to read more.

Also, short paragraphs give your reader some space to read and the white space between them keeps your content clutter-free. Keep it to 1 to 3 sentences in a paragraph if you can but it really depends on what you have to say in your content as well so this is mostly up to you.

  • Use Visual Images and Video 

They are the best way to create an emotional connection with your audience. After all, we live in a world ruled by visual so it’s only normal to use visuals in blogging as well.

Visuals are a great way to interrupt your readers while keeping them a little more interested but you need to make sure to always use high-quality and relevant images and videos. Also people tend to remember things easily when they are presented visually. Just think of our kids and their love for Youtube for example – my eldest is using it quite a lot to find out about the latest gadgets and toys.

Pinterest, Youtube and Instagram became all so popular in the last couple of years because of visuals! So use whatever photographs fit your article and your subject or even create your own infographics, comics, memes, charts or videos.

It’s All About the Images [infographic by MDG Advertising]

by <a href="http://www click now.mdgadvertising.com/” target=”_blank”>MDG Advertising

  •  Use Readable Fonts

Have you ever come across a very catchy article title and subject, click on it only to be taken to a website with a black background and white writing or simply some calligraphic that is very hard to read? Well I did and I easily got tired of it and just moved on to a different site more reader friendly.

If you would like to read more about white and black on a site I strongly recommend this article on Web designer  depot.

But no matter what background you use fonts do matter. They can make you love or hate a particular article or site. The type of fonts you’re using, colors, size and the consistency of your fonts can make or break your content.

Ways to make your font more readable:

  • Avoid using more than 2 types of fonts.
  • Avoid using too much capital letters as readers might feel you are screaming at them.
  • Use simple readable fonts like Arial, Verdana, Georgia and Times New Roman.
  • I know they are nice but stop yourself from using too many decorative font types like Indie Flower, Lobster, Pacifico, Satisfy.
  • Never use less than 12px for body text. Any smaller than that and it will be hard to read for anyone.
  • Always make your headings larger than your body text.
  • Be consistent with your style, sizing and spacing.

I hope this is helpful and if you write your articles in WordPress like I do than you have a tool that can measure the readability of your text. I use Yoast SEO on this site and others and it is very useful. There is also a site that measures the readability of your posts too.


Free Easy Mandala Colouring Pages

Free Easy Mandala Colouring Pages

It seems that the world gone really crazy about colouring all because of the mandala booksI also love them and my girls love them too so in a quest to find colouring mandala designs that will be easy enough for a 3 year old and a 7 year old I stumble upon Color Mandala. This site allows you to make your own designs and you can make them as easy or as hard as you wish.

They are not as sophisticated as the ones you can find in the book shops or on some of the paid websites but you have the satisfaction that you designed your own colouring page.

I also had a go and you can see and download them for free below. Just

Free Colouring Mandala Design Free Colouring Mandala Design

Free Colouring Mandala Design Free Colouring Mandala Design

Free Colouring Mandala Design Free Colouring Mandala Design

I hope you like my first designs and you will get some fun while colouring them. Do let me know what you thought of them and maybe you could have a go to! Let me know if you did and maybe you can share your designs here on this site! Just get in touch and will figure something out!